Easy sparkly gold and diamond jewelry

Easy sparkly jewelry

I just created a ring and matching earrings to go out New Year’s eve…

Supereasy, fun, and you can let your creativity loose!

All you need is some fabric buttons, gold embroidery thread, a gold colored ring base and gold colored earring posts.

Sparkly earrings and ring

First, embroider what you want onto the fabric (in this case faux leather). Make sure it’s smaller than the button you will be using. I wanted to have a diamond shape on my ring.

Cut out the circle size needed for the button and follow the instructions on the package (make sure to remove the metal clasp with pliers otherwise you want be able to glue it!)

Use some super glue to attach the button to the ring base. I use a peg and leave it on for a while to make sure it sticks.

Do the same for the earrings :-)…


I made mine a random geometric shape.

The faux leather is not too easy to use with the buttons… Luckily I have a hammer :-)…

But you can really use any fabric or any motive you want to match it up with your outfit!

Sparkly gold embroidery




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