Wintery red


Knit scarf and crocheted hat


Winter is coming and I was in need of some crafting and something warm :-)!

I’ve started to knit a couple of weeks ago, and figured a scarf would be a good place to start a project! For the hat, I hadn’t started on knitting in the round yet, so I opted to crochet this one…

Here’s how I made the scarf:

Knitted scarf

I used bulky yarn (Schachenmayr Boston) like the one found here. The knitting needles were size 8 mm.

I also had some faux leather fabric, which I cut into small strips of about 0,8 cm. If I were to do it again, I would cut them even smaller, ’cause it was quite difficult to work with, with this thickness. I used smaller strips on the hat (see below).

Start with casting on 25 stitches (or another odd number depending on how wide you want the scarf to be).

Row 1-5: knit one, *purl one, knit one* (repeat from * to end)
Row 6 – …:  Right side row knit – wrong side row purl (stockinette stitch)
(You can make the scarf as long as you want it to be. I didn’t count my rows but tried it on a couple of times until I was satisfied with the length.)

Just before I figured I would need about 10 more centimeters, I started working with the faux leather strips. Like I said, they were a little too wide to work with. If you use smaller strips, just be careful not to pull too tight or it might tear.

Faux leather rows:
row a: right side knit
row b: wrong side purl
row c: right side knit
row d: wrong side purl
I used about one strip of faux leather per row, and attached two ends to make a little bow. The other ends were weaved in.

After the faux leather rows, I did about 8 more rows of stockinette.

Repeat rows 1-5 and close.

Weave in all the ends.

For the fringe I cut a piece of cardboard about 15 cm wide and started to wind the yarn around it. Then cut on one side and take about three strands of yarn for one fringe and attach it with a crochet hook to the scarf.
Here’s a good tutorial on how to make the fringe and attach it:

I also used some of my faux leather to add something extra for the fringe.

Fringe scarf

Voila, that’s the scarf done :-)!

For the hat, I used a size 6 crochet hook. I started following this pattern up until round 17.

Because of the size of the yarn, my hat was a bit bigger than this model. For round 18 I again used the faux leather and worked my way round with single crochet. Again, I made a little bow with two of the ends and weaved the rest in.

Scarf and hat

I also bought some black gloves and made some faux leather earrings to match up the outfit :-)…

Knit scarf and crocheted hat


What do you think :-)?



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