Creative therapy

I remember when I was little, I enjoyed all sorts of crafts… We learned cross-stitch and macramé at school. Both my grandmothers were a big influence as well! One taught me how to crochet, the other how to knit. When I went on holidays there, I had my own little knitting-needle-bag… It made me happy!
I also did other crafts. Once I made furniture for my Barbies. A hammer, nails, and a few chunks of left-over wood was all I needed…

Growing older, the crafts drifted to the background. I forgot how to crochet and knit… Like a lot of people my age, the computer became the center of attention. Not that I completely abandonded my creative instincts… You can also make beautiful things through electronic devices. Photoshop is still one of my favorte programs! I wish I knew better how to use all of its capabilities…

Being ill has changed a lot in my life, both physically and mentally. You see your timeframe diminishing. You try to adapt a different attitude towards life… This does not always work of course and I still have to take into account my physical limitations and on-going fatigue…
I found a rekindled love for hands-on crafts and creativity. It calms me. It’s a form of alternative therapy…

Last year, I took a sending class. Only 5 lessons, but enough to give me some basics… My first sewing creation: an apron!

Sew apron red polka dot

You couldn’t look to closely, but still, proud of my first accomplishment :-)!

Looking around you see that the internet is full of tutorials, you tube-video’s and a world of Pinterest-ideas :-)… There are some great books and patterns around as well!

I’ll show you around some of the creations that I have made this last year and a half.

I needed good material to work with, like a pincushion. So I fabricated one to put around my arm with velcro. If I were to do it now, I would probably do it differently, but still, it does what is intended…

Sewed pincushion - polka dot

One of the first books I bought, was “Allemaal Rokjes”, by Mme Zsazsa, an immediate bestseller here in belgium. Hip patterns and easy to follow instructions! Just what I needed!

Allemaal Rokjes

Since then, I used the book to sew two skirts for myself, one for my mom, and one for my godchild… You can be the judge :-)…


I decided to try out my creativity on a black audrey dress. Here’s my ‘pimped dress’, using just my imagination.


For my little niece, I also made a little skirt, with a pattern from Minikrea (using an English translation).

Miniskrea Skirt

Next is a pattern I’ve used quite a few times as well. I needed an easy bag to go to work. I found this super-easy pattern from Happy in Red.

My mom and niece have asked me to make one for them as well!


For the small pouch on the upper right, I used this tutorial by Skip to my Lou.

In the penguin bag, I also inserted a zippered inner bag, using the tutorial by U-Handbag.

Zippered inner bag

My last sewing project, was a dress for a Monchhichi (24 cm classic girl). My little niece was very disappointed not to find any other outfits for the doll… I promised her I would try to make something. It is a first attempt, and a couple of errors, which I will try to correct for a next outfit, but she was happy nevertheless :-)…

Monchhichi dress

Making things, especially for other people, is so gratifying!

In my next post, I will try to add some crochet projects I have done.


2 thoughts on “Creative therapy

  1. Mooi werk Elke! Ikzelf ben een echte leek hierin. Fijn dat je uit je zelftherapie zoveel voldoening haalt en zoveel mensen gelukkig mee gemaakt hebt! Doe zo verder! X

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