Sweet Nini


It’s been a month since she has passed… I miss her every day…

Some people don’t understand how you can have so much love for a pet… But they are part of the family… They have their own personality… They give so much love and comfort!

Nini was only six years old… This terrible beast cancer had gotten to her as well… Since January, she had been operated on twice, because I had felt a tumour. But it had probably metastasized to her lungs, because the last week she really had trouble breathing and wouldn’t eat… It was a terrible decision I had to make to let the vet put her to sleep… But I couldn’t let her suffer anymore… I wouldn’t want that for myself either… The process was very hard en painful to watch… But at least she’s at peace now…

We made the decision to have her cremated. I also wear a necklace with a bit of her ashes inside. People can be very cruel and harsh as to their response about this (not directly to you, but telling others). But the love for a pet is unconditional. Like I said, she’s part of the family. I can’t have children of my own. She was my little baby. She was there for me when I was ill. She made me laugh, she made me cry…
I once made a video of the tricks she used to pull:

I still imagine her running around the apartment… I still think she’ll be at the door when I come home…

Miss, love, pain…


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