Circle of Trust

Time to introduce you to my medical circle of trust! These are the people who have helped me on the professional level. Long overdue but here it is :-)!

First of all, there’s Professor Dr. A. Makar. I was referred to him two years ago by my gynaecologist. He found out what was wrong with me. A brilliant mind! He performed the first surgery, and helped with the last one. Now he helps me deal with menopause :-).

Professor Makar and me

Secondly, my surgeons: Dr. Y. Pirenne & Dr. P. Willemsen. In december 2010, I was the first person to receive this type of surgery in the hospital ZNA Middelheim: cytoreductive surgery with HIPEC. Dr. Pirenne is specialising in this type of surgery and he is my personal hero :-)! The surgery took over 12 hours! The second surgery, in September 2011, also took over 8 hours. He has stood by me and takes the time to answer any silly questions I may have.

Here’s a video about what HIPEC is:
HIPEC overview

Dr. D. Velghe deserves credit too! It doesn’t happen very often, seeing as he puts people to sleep as an anaesthetist, but he took really good care of me! And he went through a snow storm to be there for me :-). In the weeks that followed the operation, his department made sure I didn’t have too much pain.

The nursing staff at the Middelheim hospital have also played a huge part in my healing process. Seing as the hospital has kind of become my second home…

Corridor 8D at the Middelheim Hospital

My general practitioner is Dr. T. Van Roey. He’s been there for me as well every step of the way, and has been a great support!

Dr. Van Roey and me

And last but not least, there’s Eva Van Nieuwenhuyse, my psychologist. Not only care of the body matters during these times, but the mind is just as important. She has helped me during this and other difficult periods in my life.

Eva and me

To all of these people: thank you for the support!!

Oh, and I should mention Dr. House too, my favorite pseudo-doctor ;-)!


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