Unwritten rules

Communication is very important. It can broaden your horizon, help you make decisions, etc…

But there is a set of unwritten rules, that a lot of the time, determine in which way communication occurs…

A person can be like a magnet that attracts or repels. Have you ever had that feeling when you’re on a bus: it’s half empty, lots of room, but someone still feels the need to come and sit next to you. The unwritten rule states that this is not done… It’s an invasion of your personal space… Unless it’s the hottest guy on earth, my sensors would yell: “stay out of my personal space!”

On the other hand, there can be people who touch your soul, who enrich your life, and who you want in your personal space because they make it bigger or brighter… A conversation can challenge you, make you laugh, make you cry or whatever you may need at that moment :-)…

Unfortunately a lot of communication isn’t broadcasted through verbal expressions, but through body language or innuendo… My best friend said it recently: things would be a lot simpler in the world if we would just say it like it is. But you know, men are from mars and women are from venus :-)… No manuals, so sometimes difficult :-)… We do have a different way of reasoning.

Anyway, back to the people who touch your soul… That sounds like someone who you’re in love with, but it doesn’t have to mean anything sexual or a feeling of being in love. It can constitute women, men, younger, older… People cross your path, and if the crossroad has a meaning to you, you might want to meet at another crossroad…

Take my surgeon for instance… The sweetest guy! Couldn’t have gotten through those surgeries without him! My hero :-)! But also on a personal level… Under other circumstances, he could’ve actually been a friend of mine… But then there’s that unwritten rule; he is my doctor, I am the patient… That’s where it ends… And that’s a bit sad really… I try to surround myself with people who have a positive influence or vibe. Is there something wrong with that?


One thought on “Unwritten rules

  1. Not at all girlfriend! Try to enjoy every day and share it with people when you can 😉 K x

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