Interesting article

Not to be too negative again, but I just read a very interesting and wise article…

Last week, I went to see a new Belgian movie, “Tot Altijd” (‘Til Always’), directed by the very talented Nic Balthazar. It tells the story of Mario Verstraete, an MS patient, who advocated the right for euthanasia. It became legal in Belgium in 2002, and he was the first one to make use of it. The movie is very beautifully and serenely filmed and doesn’t push towards either point of view, pro or contra.

Euthanasia comes from greek and literally means “good death”. Isn’t that something we all strive for? Unbelievable that only four very small countries (Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg and Switserland) have decriminalised the act of ending suffering…

When I was in hospital, a very sweet lady was lying next to me. She had suffered from cancer since 2009. She couldn’t eat or drink anymore and was bedridden. One night, she expressed an extreme call for help by cutting all of her wires. This event had a deep impact on me. I felt a great deal of compassion for her. Where was her quality of life? Why prolong a life when there isn’t much hope for improvement or quality of life, when there is only pain? I told my parents to let the doctors give me an injection if my situation got to that stage. My dad told me he wouldn’t listen. I understand his reaction. Nobody wants to make that decision about their children. But I don’t want to live like that…
People want to live with dignity, but also die with dignity… And it’s something that is irrevocable… Everybody has to die… Would you rather do it in peace than in agony?

I know this is a heavy subject. But it shouldn’t be the taboo it is now. Birth and death happens to everyone…

But I’ll try to make my next post a bit more lightly :-)…


One thought on “Interesting article

  1. I would love to leave this planet in peace. That would be satisfying 🙂 another amazing post. Love ya. Wish you all the best! Dee

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